The Cat-Eared Alchemist's Lewd Curse
By Kasaix • 11 months ago • 1 comments

Souzai-Soft's new game Alkemo: Kemomimi Alchemist is a surprisingly deep RPG. Players take on the role of a cat-eared alchemist who accidentally curses herself and seeks to rid herself of it before something terrible happens to her. As this is an H-Game, a fully-voiced one at that, the cure may be worse than the curse: aphrodisiacs or just sex help stave off the curse. This can lead the cat girl and her friend into some sexy misadventures, including gangbangs and tentacles. You'll have to put some effort into finding the h-scenes of course, nothing is handed to players in this game. However, the CG set for the game is hosted on Doujins, and you'll find it here.

 There is a genuine curse to this curse, and the goal of the game is to find it. As this is an RPG game, the materials to create the cure are unusual and rare, thus requiring the main character to set out on an adventure to find these ingredients. Of course players will have to manage fighting random enemies on the way while also dealing with the curse, and the temporary remedies aphrodisiacs that make the character aroused. Whether or not the cat girl becomes a slut is apparently up to the players. 


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